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Eyelash Waterproof and Oil-proof Black Glue (adhesive) 0.5s dry

Eyelash Waterproof and Oil-proof Black Glue (adhesive) 0.5s dry

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This glue ensures your lashes stay in place all day. Its waterproof and oil-proof formula provides maximum hold and lets you go about your day without worry. The adhesive dries quickly and is designed to leave behind no residue.

Product Instructions

(for Swaniya Adhesive only)
  1. What’s the temperature and humidity for glue?

---- temperature is 25℃,,humidity is 55%RH.  If the environment does not meet the requirements, it is recommended to use bonder or primer, or use a humidifier and air conditioner to control the adjustment.

  1. How long will your glues stay good if not opened?  

---- In the case of proper preservation, it can keep about 6 month if not opened. (Calculated from the date of purchase)

  1. And how long do they stay good after opening?  

---- can keep about 60 days with lashes, and if opened, it is recommended to use out within one month. Or if you cannot used out within one month, suggest you change the Closed replacement plug (nozzle) to keep it with glue storage box.

  1. Also how should unopened glue be stored? Should they be stored in refrigerator or freezer?

---- It is recommended to store in a ventilated, dry and cool environment. It is recommended to use a glue storage tank for proper storage

  1. How long should bottles be shaken before each use?

---- Shake around 80-100 times. Suggest use the glue shaker.

  1. Are these glues oil resistant?

----yes, Waterproof and Oil-proof.

  1. Will the glue burn the eyes?

----Our glue is low-sensitivity and low-irritant, not anti-allergic glue, only suitable for professional eyelash technicians, not suitable for self-operation. If customers have allergies, please use after testing. When the glue is grafted, please be careful not to get it in the eyes of customers. If it gets in the eyes accidentally, please seek medical attention immediately. When grafting, please blow dry the glue on the eyelashes, it is recommended to use with bonder or primer.

  1. What are ingredients?


lash adhesive

transparant glue

low sensetive glue

Eyelash Waterproof and Oil-proof Glue (adhesive)

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Zuzana Byrakova

I love the products

Jurgita Prochorovaite

Always the best , one of the best quality of products I find.My client lashes last really long .

Lim Chee yong
Eyelash Waterproof and Oil-proof Black Glue 0.5s

Yes the Eyelash Waterproof and Oil-proof Black Glue 0.5s dry to completely dry

Thanks 😊
Seller for the great product and services 👌

Kiyoko Miyaji
Love the products.

I’m excited to try the sensitive glue.

Dena Waquie
Lash glue

I don’t know if I used it wrong but it burned my eyes