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30D DIY Cluster Lash Extensions

30D DIY Cluster Lash Extensions

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Experience a dramatic look with 30D DIY Cluster Lashes 0.07. Our lightweight lashes feature 0.07 thickness with a 30D density for a bold, natural appearance without any heavy weight. Get ready to flaunt your beautiful, full-looking lashes.

【DIY eyelash extension look at home】: You can attach the individual eyelashes at home yourself. Nice alternative to eyelash text. Simply attach, wonderful results. Also very suitable for beginners. Save so much money and time now!

【TOP quality】: SWANIYA single eyelashes look real, with proper care reusable and not plastic. These individual eyelashes will not work while handling. The individual eyelashes last for weeks. Soft, light, knot -free and matt dark.

【Comfortable to wear】: Express the tape of the individual eyelashes together with tweezers and wear from below. Hold very easily on the eye and the glue point is hardly noticeable. The band of the eyelash tufts is flat and barely noticeable and do not feel uncomfortable when blinking.

【New style new possibility】: The individual eyelashes is perfect for short homes. You can apply individual eyelashes in rising order, which results in a nice CAT-EYE effect, or to achieve more abundance. The eyelashes individually combine with other lengths and look great naturally.

【Friendly customer service】: SWANIYA eyelashes offer every buyer a lifelong money-back guarantee and have a wholesale price list. If you are for an interior, please contact us. We will answer your email as soon as possible. Have fun shopping!

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