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Eyelash Positioning Sticker

Eyelash Positioning Sticker

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This Eyelash Positioning Sticker is the perfect tool for those looking to perfect their lash styling. The adhesive sticker helps to precisely position false eyelashes for a more natural look and perfect alignment with your eye shape. Get perfect eyelashes with ease!

This product is made of paper sticker and comes in white. It comes in a package of 5pcs/pack and contains 7pairs/pcs. It is suitable for professional and personal use and can be used for eyelash extension application. It is a perfect type that covers all the under lashes, making your work faster and cleaner.

This Eyelash Positioning Sticker is of the best quality, with a smooth surface and collagen anti-wrinkle eye gel patch. It is lint-free and perfect for eyelash extension. Wholesale and private brand orders are available.

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