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Cashmere Russian Volume Lashes 0.05(Wholesale)

Cashmere Russian Volume Lashes 0.05(Wholesale)

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How to use it?

Step 1: Remember to clean your natural lashes with Swaniya lash shampoo before grafting the lashes

Step 2: Secure the lower lashes with Swaniya eye patches, and fix with tape if necessary.

Step 3: Gently pull the eyelid upward with the tape, double-checking that all lower lashes are hidden and making sure your client is comfortable.

Step 4: Using Swaniya super bonder continue with your pre-treatment

Step 5: Take out strips of lashes from the box, stick them to your lash plate and prepare your jade stone by applying a lash glue sticker on top of it.

Step 6: Shake your glue by using a glue shaker, grab your favorite pair of tweezers from your tweezer case and you’re ready to begin a beautiful set of lashes!


Swaniyalashes premium collection use best Korean material :

  • 1. Easily Removable
  • The lash is easily removable from the transfer strip.
  • 2. No Residue
  • The lash has no residue from the transfer strip.
  • 3. Non-sticky
  • The lash do not stick together after removing from the transfer strip.
  • 4.No kink
  • The lash has no kink.
  • 5. Stable curl
  • The curl keeps stable and thickness standard .
  • 6. The length Precise.

  • *We are the professional eyelash manufacturer,we offer the luxury quality product with the best price.
  • *Our lashes material is imported from Korea which is softer,longer lasting time and working better with glue.
  • *Silver foil backing is easy to peel and leave no residual.
  • *Perfect pre-sales and after-sales service.
  • *Wholesale and private label order is available.
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